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SocialGenomics: Advancing the Future

Susanne will touch on the technological mission of SocialGenomics. A more elaborate abstract is still on the way due to the short amount of time since her announcement.

About Susanne

Susanne Baars is a Dutch scientist and entrepreneur who creates technological solutions to global problems. Susanne Baars is the founder and executive chairman of the SocialGenomics; a healthcare technology company to revolutionise the drug development industry, with the ultimate goal of empowering every patient on the globe to find their cure faster. While drug discovery technology is at the core of advancing human health, only a few major breakthroughs have been recorded. The world has no cure for 95% of all diseases yet. Baars is leading the field to move towards a future where we can develop transformative medicines on demand. Her work recently has been acknowledged by NASA iTech, awarded the global 2019 Access to Healthcare Award by Sandoz/Novartis, featured on multiple TEDx stages and mentioned 'the youngest and most disruptive TOP woman in the Netherlands.'

She is also the executive founder of the Human Genome Foundation, a non-profit that is committed to make lifesaving information, treatments and research available to families who live in poverty, in remote regions, those who cannot afford or don’t know how to get access.

Baars is currently writing her book ‘The 7 waves genomics disrupts healthcare’, which will be released in 2021. Her wisdom is anchored in a broad education in biomedical sciences, Genomics, Neuroscience & Cognition, Philosophy and Public Health Ethics and business school. Being a visionary to the core, she has unique experiences within healthcare worldwide. Previously she worked as a neuroscientist at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, the Global Health & Ethics department of the World Health Organisation and Peking University Science Center. As a next-generation leader Susanne is advising entrepreneurs, professionals and company owners from all kinds of fields.

Susanne Baars