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A lot of companies nowadays are convinced that becoming diversity & inclusion (D&I) is important. Many because of a feeling of social responsibility, others because of the desire to create more happier employees and some just because it’s good for business. It’s proven that having a diverse workforce and an inclusive working culture has many positive effects. The road to get there however, is often easier said than done. In this session Lisanne will share some of her honest learnings & experiences with Microsoft’s D&I journey. And also highlight how technology can help tackle some of it’s challenges.

About Lisanne

With a university degree in both Artificial Intelligence and Psychology Lisanne has always been fascinated about people and technology, and especially where the two interact. Currently she is leading a team of technical specialists at Microsoft, who help enterprise customers create a modern, innovative & secure workplace for their employees. She’s at her best when she can show people worlds of new opportunities and help find courage to achieve things they’ve never done before. Whether that's inspiring customers about the possibilities of cloud technology. Or coach people to try new things and walk off the beaten track.

With a long life passion for diversity & inclusion, she strives to create a work culture where everyone can be themselves. Lisanne’s personal mission is to tear down the stereotype image of “nerds”. Which includes learning kids how to code, inspire girls to choose tech and empower other women in IT.

Lisanne Brons