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exec(ut) is an event organised by Stichting Sticky. It is a conference for and by students, offering a glimpse at the wondrous world of IT beyond the university. We strive to provide a diverse programme and show how exciting conferences can be.

The organising committee consists of seven members, all of whom are students of computing- and information sciences at Utrecht University:

Location and Logistics
Promotion and PR


Stichting Sticky
Attn. exec(ut)
Princetonplein 5
3584CC Utrecht


Aside from our speakers, host, and parters, there are a few people and organisations whom we would like to thank for their contributions to the organisation of exec(ut). These are, in no particular order:

DomCode, for letting us rip-off their code of conduct;
Simpact, for helping us navigate the world of CO2 compensation;
Martijn Casteel and Amber Norder for programming the very first exec(ut) app;
and the staff of Utrecht University's CS department for their support in planning and promotion.